About Us


Why choose us? We know how to start businesses and we're really good at it.

  • Our small team has over 15 years’ experience in the startup space and we are a mix of former commercial lawyers, switched on administrators and star law students. So, yes, we know our stuff but we are also a friendly, smart and thoughtful bunch. Got a question you're not sure about? Pick up the phone and we'll happily chat you through your options. 
  • You can get all of your startup business needs sorted in one place. We can help you set up a company, trust or partnership, or start off as a sole trader. We can help you register for ABNs, TFNs, GST and PAYG. We can also register business names on your behalf. 
  • Our up-to-date master documents have been prepared by top-tier Australian law firm Gilbert + Tobin and specialist trust lawyers. 
  • We are registered agents of ASIC and the OSR and SRO. Our automated software is directly linked to ASIC, ensuring a super quick turnaround. We can process most orders within 3 hours!
  • Our services are cost-effective; our prices are competitive and you can be assured that you are getting top quality products without spending your much needed seed money on accountants and lawyers’ fees. We've seen the documents of the cut price competitors in the market and we simply wouldn't be comfortable providing our customers with bare bones documents. We want to help to make it as easy as possible for you to be compliant. 

  • We LOVE being a part of getting businesses up and running. So if you want to get on with what you’re really excited about ... building your new business, let Startup World do the leg work to get you launched!  


Registered ASIC Agent No. 34174

Registered ASIC Agent State Revenue Office Victoria

Registered Agent SRO Victoria

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Registered Agent OSR NSW


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