Business Name Registration

$103 incl GST for 1 year ($66 + ASIC fee of $37)
$154 incl GST for 3 years ($66 + ASIC fee of $88)

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A business name, also called a trading name, is the name by which your business is recognised. Whether you run your business as a sole trader, partnership, or through a company or trust, you will most likely need to register your business name with ASIC (Australian Securities and Investments Commission).

You don’t need to register a business name if:

  • you are a sole trader using your own name. Eg “Jenny Wong”.
  • you are a partnership using the names of all the partners. Eg “Hunt, Panos & Wong”.
  • the business name is your company name. Eg “HPW Pty Ltd”.

A business name registration lasts for either 1 or 3 years (at your option), and takes effect in all states and territories of Australia.

What should I do before choosing a business name?

  • Apply for an ABN – you will need this in order to register a business name.
  • Search the ASIC business names register here.
  • Search the trade marks register here. A trade mark search will ensure you don’t choose a business name which is too similar to an existing registered trade mark. For more information on trade marks see our FAQ.
  • Search for domain name availability here. If you intend to have an online presence, you should try to have a domain name that matches, as closely as possible, your business name.
  • Check any licences you may need in your state or territory here.

Quick Tip! Registering a business name:

  • will not prevent the name being registered as a trade mark
  • will not prevent the name being used by someone that has already registered it as a trade mark
  • does not protect you from legal action if the name of your business infringes a registered trade mark

How long does it take?

Most business name registrations are issued within 1 working day. Importantly, Startup World will review your application prior to its submission to ASIC, ensuring that any issues with your application are ironed out early on, saving you time and money.

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