Do I need any licences to operate my business?

Some businesses need special licences in their state or territory. For example some types of tradies, and anyone selling alcohol, will need specific licences before they can trade. See here for information on what licences you may need in your state or territory.

Do I need to register a trade mark?

No, but a registered trade mark can be very valuable in protecting the name of your business. A registered trade mark gives you the exclusive right to use that trade mark in relation to specific goods and/or services, meaning you prevent others from using it. See here for more information about registering a trade mark.

Does my business need public liability insurance?

Some businesses you deal with will require you to have your own public liability insurance if you regularly come onto their premises. A public liability policy is a way of protecting you and your business from liability if you cause personal injury or property damage in the course of your business activities.

What about workers' compensation?

Whatever business structure you have, if your business employs staff, it is legally required to take out a workers' compensation insurance policy in the relevant state or territory, to cover them for work injuries.

Sole traders or partners in a partnership can’t take out a workers' compensation insurance policy covering themselves as individuals. If you have either of these business structures, you should consider personal accident or income protection insurance to insure yourself for work injuries.

ABN, TFN, GST and PAYG– what do I need?

Please visit our ABN Registration page.

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