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Starting up a business using a trust structure? Discretionary trusts (often called “family trusts”) and unit trusts are widely-used business and investment structures.

Startup World can supply the necessary trust documents and manage all of the other paperwork & registrations needed to get your trust’s business up and running fast. As registered agents of the NSW OSR and VIC SRO, we can stamp your trusts saving you time and hassle. 

For more information, click on the links below:

Trust Documents – includes all necessary legal documentation for a valid Australian discretionary or unit trust

from $242 (incl GST) - Standard Trust Package (Delivered electronically)

from $286 (incl GST) - Standard Trust Package + printing, binding and delivery

$77 (incl GST) Stamping service fee + Relevant Stamp Duty Fee (NSW OSR $500 + $10 for each duplicate or VIC SRO $200 flat fee)

Company Registration – if you want a corporate trustee to manage your trust, we can set this up for you. See here for more information about the advantages of using a corporate trustee over individual trustees.

$561.50 (incl GST+ ASIC fee of $512) - Standard Package (Delivered electronically)

$627.50 (incl GST + ASIC fee of $512) - Standard Package + hardcopy printing, binding and delivery 

It takes about 10 minutes to submit the necessary information to kick-start your applications. What are you waiting for?

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Dont forget, we can get all of your other business registrations sorted at the same time:

Australian Business Number (ABN) for your trust. This will be separate from the ABN of your corporate trustee, if any

GST Registration – if the expected annual turnover of the business is $75,000 or more

PAYG Withholding – if the trust will be employing people to work in the business

Tax File Number (TFN) for the trust. This will be separate from your personal TFN or the TFN of your corporate trustee, if any

Business Name Registration – if the trust will trade under anything other than its own name