Terms of use

Before you start…

Yes, the small print.

Take a moment to read these terms of use because they are the basis on which we provide our products & services to you. We may change these terms of use from time to time, but the current version will always appear right here on our website.

Each time you order a product or service from us, you will see a link to the current version of our terms of use and be asked to accept with the click of a button.

You should also take a look at our privacy policy.

No legal or financial advice

We are not lawyers. We are not accountants, tax planners or financial advisers. We don’t provide legal, financial, accounting, tax, business, or other professional advice. We supply provide various documents and services relating to business registrations.

We can’t advise you on the business structure most appropriate to your needs, or the appropriateness of the documents for your individual circumstances or to achieve a particular purpose. Nor can we provide ongoing advice about your documents or your business structure once established.

You acknowledge that you have either visited your lawyer, accountant or other professional adviser for advice and a clear understanding of what you’re ordering from us, or that you have chosen not to do so, but accept the resulting risk that our products or services might not meet your individual needs.

On parts of our website, we may post articles written by accountants, lawyers or other business advisers. This material is for information only, is general in nature, and is not a substitute for professional advice tailored to your individual needs. We don’t endorse the accuracy of this information or the views expressed in these articles.

Our documents depend on your input

The type of document(s) you order, and some of the information in those documents, is dependent on the information you provide in the order form or on your applications. We won’t be responsible if you supply incorrect or false information, if you misunderstand a question or information on our online order form or on other parts of our website, or if you otherwise order a document that doesn’t end up meeting your needs.

You should check all of the information you’ve submitted carefully before completing the online order form.

Our documents are standard form documents

As such they may not be suitable for your individual needs or circumstances.

You should seek professional advice about whether you need a particular document, or what type of document you need before ordering. By ordering a document, you agree that you have not relied on any representation or warranty from Startup World about the suitability of any document for your needs and circumstances, and to the extent permitted by law, Startup World has no liability to you in relation to any such representation or warranty.

What’s ours is ours – restrictions on your use of our documents

If you order any document from Startup World, we supply it to you based on the understanding that the document is copyright. That means the document’s text and layout belongs to Startup World and you must only use the document according to the licence we grant to you, which is outlined below:

  • You agree to use the document only for the purpose for which you ordered it
  • You cannot use the document (or part of it) to create another document
  • You cannot supply (for sale or otherwise) the document (or part of it) to someone else unless you are a professional adviser and you are ordering the document on behalf of your client
  • You will not alter the document once it is finalised, except to sign and date it if applicable
  • You will not copy the document except for your own personal purposes
  • You will not remove any Startup World branding from the document

You also acknowledge that the content of our website, including the text on each page, the layout & order forms (including all underlying computer programming & code), as well as the trade mark STARTUP WORLD, is the intellectual property of Startup World, and you agree not to use any of this content for any purpose other than with Startup World’s express written permission.


You agree to indemnify Startup World against any loss, damage or other liability:

  • that we suffer because you have breached these terms of use, or
  • that you or a 3rd party suffers because of the information you supplied in an order form, or because you did not obtain professional advice about whether a product or service we supplied meets your individual needs and circumstances.

You will cooperate fully with us to ensure that any such loss, damage or liability can be adequately quantified.

Limit on our liability to you

To the extent that the law allows us to, our liability to you for any failure on our part (including negligence) is limited to:

  • for document products; either replacing the document, supplying an equivalent document, amending the document, or paying the costs of replacement, supply or amendment.
  • for other services; either supplying the services again, or paying the costs of having the services supplied again.

In particular our liability to you does not include any indirect or consequential loss, such as lost profit or revenue, missed business opportunity, damage to goodwill, or any expenses you incurred because of our failure.

Australia’s consumer protection laws imply various guarantees into contracts for goods and services ordinarily acquired for personal, household or domestic use, including that goods will be of acceptable quality and that services will be provided with due care and skill and within a reasonable time. Our liability limit is not intended to restrict the operation of the Australian consumer protection laws if they are applicable here.

Links to other websites & service providers

We provide links to other websites & service providers for general information and convenience only, and we do not vouch for their relevance or accuracy. We do not endorse any particular website or service provider. You need to form your own view of those websites or service providers and access them at your own risk. Startup World may have a fee for referral arrangement with one or more of these service providers.

Refunds & returns

Because of the nature of Startup World’s products and services, they cannot be re-sold to another person. We do not provide refunds for products or services we supply in good faith according to your request.

If you return a product or service back to Startup World due to an error on our part, we will amend the error and return the product or service as soon as is practicable.

If you return a product or service due to an error on your part, and we have complied with your original instructions, we may at our discretion levy an additional charge that fairly reflects the time and expertise required to amend the error. Startup World is not responsible for any error or loss due to your mistake or misunderstanding of the law.

If you have any concerns relating to Startup World’s refund and return policy, please contact us and our staff will be happy to discuss your concerns and attempt to resolve them.


These terms of use are governed by New South Wales law. You and we agree that we will settle any dispute about them by first trying to resolve the dispute between ourselves, or failing that, exclusively in the courts of New South Wales.

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