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Startup World provides a standard partnership agreement setting out sensible rules for partners in a business partnership to follow, including profits, losses, expenditure & drawings, partnership accounts and tax returns, decision making, partners’ duties, resolving disputes, dealing with a partner’s death, incapacity or retirement from the partnership, liquidation of the partnership, competition with the partnership, confidentiality, and other matters. The agreement has been prepared on behalf of Startup World by one of Australia’s leading law firms.

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How long does it take?

Startup World can deliver the partnership agreement to your nominated email address usually within 1 hour of receiving your order (during business hours). We also offer a deluxe printing service where printed documents will be sent to you using Australia Post’s parcel service. Service standards can be found here.

Optional Extras

Deluxe printing, binding and delivery - $66 incl GST.
As well as sending your trust documents via email in PDF format, Startup World will print 2 copies of your agreement and post them to you.

Additional bound agreements - $11 incl GST each

What’s included?

Our Partnership Agreements include the document itself and instructions about how to execute the agreement.

Please be aware that the Startup World partnership agreement is a standard form document and may not be suitable for your individual circumstances. You should seek professional advice about its suitability for you.

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